Ethics Policy

Human Recourse Policy

Employees and Stakeholders
Ethics Line Policy
(Feedback Mechanism)

Delphi TVS Diesel Systems Ltd

  • 1.0.0 Objective

  • 1.1.0  To provide for safe avenues for all permanent employees and stakeholders to raise concerns when violations take place directly or indirectly, intentionally or otherwise, which would bring disrepute to the strong edifice built by Delphi TVS Diesel Systems Limited on the foundation of high standards of integrity, dedicated customer service, fair business practices and efficient high level of compliance with applicable laws.

  • 1.2.0  To provide necessary safeguards for protection to permanent employees and stakeholders from victimization for giving feedback in good faith

  • 2.0.0  Applicability:

  • 2.1.0  This policy shall be applicable to all the permanent employees and stakeholders of the Company.

  • 3.0.0  Main features of Feedback Mechanism:

  • 3.1.0  To be used for:
  • Reporting any serious actual or suspected frauds related to unethical or illegal conduct, actual or possible violation of Conduct; actions not in line with the a company’s policies, actions which may affect company’s image or reputation, actions in the nature of harassment or actions that would amount to serious improper conduct.

  • 3.2.0  Ethics related feedback:

  • A permanent employee or stakeholder making disclosure under this policy is referred to as “Complainant”. The Complainant has to provide sufficient grounds for the concern but should not make any malicious allegations which would result in disciplinary action.

  • 3.3.0  Whom to Report:

  • The complaining employees or stakeholders can make a disclosure and submit the information in writing to ‘The Chairman of Audit committee, Delphi TVS Diesel Systems Ltd, Corporate Office, 11-13 Patullos Road, Chennai – 600 002 in a sealed cover and furnish as much details and evidence as possible or can send an email to giving his name and CC number.

  • 3.4.0  When to Report:

  • The Complainant shall raise the issue immediately i.e., within a reasonable period of the occurrence of the event or action or finding, but not later than two months.

  • 3.5.0  How to Report:

  • The Report should include as much information as available about the suspected violation. Where possible, it should describe the nature of the suspected violation; the identities of persons involved in the suspected violation; a description of documents that relate to the suspected violation; and the time frame during which the suspected violation occurred. The Complainant may be required to give any further information as required by the Access Persons.

  • 3.6.0  Investigation:

  • All Reports under this policy, will be promptly investigated by the Access Persons. Immediately on the receipt Complainant, an acknowledgement will be given to the Complainant. Based on a thorough examination of the findings, the Access Persons or the Committee formed for this purpose shall submit the report to the Chairman of the Audit committee.

  • If, at the conclusion of its investigation, the Company determines that a violation has occurred, the company will take effective remedial action commensurate with the nature of the offense. Reasonable and necessary steps will also be taken to prevent any further violation.

  • 3.7.0  Safeguards against victimization:

    1. No adverse action shall be taken or recommended against a complainant in retaliation to his making the complaint. Harassment / victimization of persons may constitute sufficient ground for dismissal of the concerned employee.
    2. Every effort will be made to protect the Complainant’s identity subject to any legal constraints that may arise from time to time.
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